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Cherry Mobile: Best Prices in the Philippines


Cherry Mobile’s Humble Beginnings

In 2008, businessman Maynard Ngu founded Cherry Mobile: the pioneer of dual SIM mobile phones. It was then operated by Cosmic Technologies Inc. that is a Filipino mobile phone and electronics company. After a year of business, they have envisioned Cherry Mobile to be identified by their consumers as a brand that has “Everything for Everyone.” They want their cellphones to cater to the different age groups and classes therefore packing their items with different features and available in affordable prices.

They had big dreams, and they want to achieve them. Cherry Mobile started out small; they began with selling only four kinds of cellphones – some parts being mass-produced in China. Later along the road, Cherry Mobile then started to venture in developing more cellphones such as feature phones, smartphones, tablets, and phablets, all of which run on the Android Operating System. Since then, Cherry Mobile phones have improved greatly, equipping them with Wi-Fi connectivity, and even more features and specifications that the Filipino masses look for in a phone and smartphone.

By the time 2009 has rolled by, Cherry mobile has reached their goal to become the top mobile phone brand to give Filipinos value for their money with their dedication. On Cherry Mobile’s first year, the company’s CEO, Maynard Ngu had a vision for his brand, and that is to manufacture technologies and gadgets that is or may be “Everything for Everyone.” They started out by offering cellphones and smartphones that cater to various ages and different lifestyles. They were able to achieve this of course, and after barely two years when it started, Cherry Mobile was named “IT Company of the Year” in the third Cyber Press Awards. And now, three years down the road, Cherry Mobile now carries 100 handsets, making the brand as well as the company the leading dual-SIM provider for Filipinos.

Cherry Mobile Values You

It may be out of sheer luck, but Cherry Mobile’s success has been astounding! The CEO and founder, Maynard Ngu have ensured that all Cherry Mobile cellphones, tablets, as well as phablets are packed with features that will definitely give you a hard time to say no to. Following their vision of having everything for everyone, the brand now offers a wide range of cellphones, phablets, and tablets that are competitive. Seeing that there is a demand for cellphones from the younger market, they developed mobile phones that are catchy, filled with features, and with designs that suit the newer generations. To contrast this demand, the company also made handsets that suit their more mature market that consist of mainly professionals, executives, and even for people who look for elegance even in their gadgets. Cherry Mobile definitely has something for each and every one with different lifestyles.

Their vision drove Cherry Mobile to do better each time, to come up with better equipment, packed with better features, and made aesthetically pleasant-looking phones, tablets, and phablets. They made products that are up to par with the goods made and developed by bigger brands. Cherry Mobile has indeed proved their worth by making products that give the market the ultimate bang for their buck!

Cherry Mobile values the Filipino lifestyle by giving you and the rest of the nation phones and tablets that are affordable yet made with high standards. Some Cherry Mobile electronics have an 18 megapixel built-in rear camera, 1.7GHz Octa Core processor, an IPS Capacitive FHD screen display, however all their cellphones, phablets, and tablets run on an Android 4.2 Jelly Bean processor and have dual SIM abilities. However, with their longing to provide more options, they also have single SIM devices for people who would prefer this.

Buy a Cherry Mobile Gadget

Want to purchase a Cherry Mobile phone? It’s quite easy since they have many stand-alone boutiques that are strategically located all over the Philippines. However, if you find it too much of a bother to go to a mall because of the commute, or maybe you don’t have the patience to stand in long lines, and then give online shopping a go! This way, you can purchase the Cherry Mobile phone of your choice without the hassle and without the risk.

But of course, you need to take the needed precautionary measures before purchasing a gadget. Read reviews, research about the gadget and get to know it. This will make your decision making process easier. Consider the design, the storage capacity or if it is expandable, mega-pixels of the front and rear camera, and its other specifications like the screen display and the likes.