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Carrier: Best Prices in the Philippines


Carrier from The Start

Modern air conditioning was founded by Willis Carrier in 1902. And after thirteen years, Willis Carter together with six other engineers gathered the amount needed to form the Carrier Engineering Corporation. In only a few years, they managed to purchase their first ever plant that can be found in Newark, New Jersey. Through the years of manufacturing and innovating the air conditioner to what it is now, Carrier has become the biggest and most trusted brand in air conditioning producer in the world!

The demand for a good air conditioner brand in the Philippines has drastically grown during the 90’s, thus the formation of the Concepcion-Carrier Air Conditioning Company in 1998. Carrier Corporation of the United States and Concepcion Industries, Inc. of the Philippines, two leading brands in air condition manufacturing came together to provide the Filipinos’ needs for quality air conditioners. With the unpredictable climate in the Philippines, and the immense humidity a day sometimes brings, having an air conditioner around can be so convenient and comfortable.

Carrier All The Way

Carrier Corporation and Concepcion Industries, Inc. have brought to the Philippines a long tradition of innovative and excellent products. CACC (Concepcion-Carrier Air Conditioning Company) has a long list of product ranges of outstanding quality that are recognized by consumers nationwide, and even customers abroad! CACC’s products are also proudly made in the Philippines.

Carrier also boasts of its heritage of innovation in technology, as well as their leadership in being responsible to the environment. No wonder it is the most trusted cooling appliance brand in the market. They aim to give their consumers only the best quality and experience when it comes to air coolers. There is no doubt why Filipinos always choose Carrier.