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Brand: Blade
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Blade Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Bundle of 3 Pack of 3
(13 reviews)
  • For orders outside Luzon, please expect additional fifteen (15) days shipping due to airline safety restrictions
  • Material: microfibers
  • Woven together with the right knitting process
  • Hold up to seven times it's weight in water
  • Constructed from split conjugated fibers 100% polyester and polyamide
  • Removes wax, quick detailing, cleaning interiors, cleaning glass and drying
₱ 352.00
Blade Steering Wheel 5136 (Silver/Black)
  • Advanced Sports Horn Switch
  • 6-hole hub adapter
  • PVC material
  • Durable
₱ 999.75
Blade Steering Wheel 5315 (Silver/Black)
(1 reviews)
  • Advanced Sports Horn Switch
  • 6-hole hub adapter
  • PVC material
₱ 999.75
Blade SUV Car Cover (Gray)
(8 reviews)
  • Soft Cushioning layer protects your paint
  • Superior, breathable 3-layer fabric highly water resistant, even during downpours
  • Fabric naturally resists rot and mildew
  • No leak construction achieved through ultrasonic welding
  • UV stable materials ensure a long life
  • No leak construction
  • Free storage bag included
  • With Japanese developed U.V Stabilizer for long lasting protection
₱ 1,499.00
Blade Steering Wheel 5316 Brown
  • Advanced Sports Horn Switch
  • 6-hole hub adapter
  • PVC material
₱ 999.75
Micromagic Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth Bundle of 4
(3 reviews)
  • Made of microfibers
  • Woven together with the right knitting process which creates an extremely effective cleaning material
  • Can hold up to seven times it's weight in water
  • Can absorb oil
  • Exceptionally soft and holds shape well
  • Constracted from split conjugated fibers 100% polyester and polyamide
  • Handle task such as a removing wax, quick detailing, cleaning interirors, cleaning glass and drying
₱ 352.00
Blade Steering Wheel 5128 Black
(4 reviews)
  • Advanced Sports Horn Switch
  • 6-hole hub adapter
  • PVC material
₱ 999.75
Blade BUS900 Backup Camera + Sensor
  • Perfect collocation with DVD
  • Color reverse line
  • High Sensitivity Chip
  • Waterproof
  • Wide view OSD line
₱ 2,999.00
Micromagic Dehumidifier 450mL (4 Bundles of a Pack of 3)
(7 reviews)
  • Can effectively remove dampness
  • Prevent bacteria and odor
  • Release fragrance, protect your clothes, fabric and leather away from mold and mildew.
₱ 599.00
Blade Car Cover Small (Gray)
(126 reviews)
  • Soft cushioning layer protects your paint
  • Superior, breathable 3-layer fabric is highly water resistance, even during downpours 
  • Fabric naturally resists rot and mildew 
  • No leak construction achieved through ultrasonic weld
₱ 999.00
Blade Steering Wheel 5316 (White/Black)
  • Advanced Sports Horn Switch
  • 6-hole hub adapter
  • PVC material
  • Durable
₱ 999.75
Blade Seat Cushion 02E (Gray/Green)
  • Easy way to add fashion and comfort to your car
  • This attractive cushion updates the appearance of old or dirty seats
  • Protects against splits, stains and fading
  • Comfortable seat cushion makes for a relaxing ride
₱ 299.75
Blade LF-A016 Adult Cycling Bike Helmet Carbon/Yellow
(1 reviews)
  • Lightweight 
  • Adjustable to different head size
  • Impact resistance
  • 18 Flow Through vents control comfort by maintaining airflow through the helmet
₱ 799.75
Blade Steering Wheel 5129 (Black)
(1 reviews)
  • Advanced Sports Horn Switch
  • 6-hole hub adapter
  • PVC material
₱ 999.75
Blade Glue Off Adhesive Residue Remover 200ml Set of 4 (Orange)
  • Adhesive Residue Remover
  • Suitable for auto window and other tinted glass surface
  • Removes sticky, gummy, gooey problems
  • Can also remove crayon marks
₱ 396.00
Blade Steering Wheel 5315 (White/Black)
(1 reviews)
  • Advanced Sports Horn Switch
  • 6-hole hub adapter
  • PVC material
₱ 999.75
Blade Car Shampoo 1L (Bundle of 4)
  • Keep your car free of dulling film and contaminants
  • Designed to remove stubborn road grime and dirt 
  • Pampers your car's paint
  • Gentle on wax, but tough on dirt
₱ 479.00
Blade Organic Air Freshener Set of 2 (Citronella)
(3 reviews)
  • Specially formulated solid air-freshener
  • Last up to 60 days
  • Repels mosquitoes, gives you peace of mind
₱ 399.50
Blade AN8906 Steering Wheel Cover + Blade Organic Air Freshener New Car(set of 2)
  • Good quality product
  • Provide protection and comfort
  • Fits all standard steering wheels
  • Last up to 60 days
  • For maximum strength,rotate scent pads to upright position
  • Keep scent pad from touching fabric, plastic or painted surfaces
₱ 509.25
Blade Portable Trash Bin and Car Headrest Hook
  • Elegant Design
  • Easy to clean
  • Space saving
  • Car Headrest Hook:
  • Easy installation, no need for adhesives and tools
  • High quality and environmental friendly
  • Conveniently hold grocery bags, handbags, purses, schoolbags, umbrellas and more
₱ 599.50
Blade BUC400 Back Up Rearview Camera
  • Proffessional quality
  • Wide camera angle
  • Night visibility
  • Shock and water resistant
  • Very durable  
₱ 1,999.00
Blade A1402 Muffler Extension
(1 reviews)
  • Automotive grade stainless steel muffler tail pipe
  • Easy to install
₱ 599.75
Mibacle Blade 13-Piece Knife Set (Black)
(25 reviews)
  • Flash forged stainless steel blades
  • Comes with comfortable and ergonomic riveted handles
  • Precision control for quick chopping, cutting and slicing
  • Dishwasher-safe
₱ 399.00 -73%
₱ 1,500.00
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Blade Wash and Wax 1L (Bundle of 4)
  • Removes dirt
  • Protect car surface
  • Shinier result in one step
  • Safe for all car finishes
₱ 599.00
Blade Dehumidifier 800 mL (4 Bundles of Pack of 2)
(1 reviews)
  • Can effectively remove dampness
  • Prevent bacteria and odor
  • Release fragrance
  • Protect your clothes, fabric, and leather away from mold and mildew
₱ 599.00
Blade DS-C600 Car DVR Video Recorder (Black)
  • Resolution: max 1080p
  • Recording video format: M-JPEG LCD
  • Screen size: 1.5 LTPS
  • Power Interface: 5v 800ma
  • Battery: Built-in 240mAh
  • Current Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
  • Memory Card: TF(max 32GB)
  • Features: HD Camera, HD video recording
₱ 2,499.00
Blade YC3102 Hand Vacuum Compact Cleaner (Red/Black)
(1 reviews)
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Complete with convenient attachment
  • Washable filter
  • DC 12 volts
₱ 499.75
Blade Compact Travel Case(Red)
  • Hardshell case
  • Sleek design
  • Durable
₱ 499.75
Blade Styled RDA Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (Gold)
(1 reviews)
  • Please carefully read e-cigarettes' safety and precautions below
  • Rebuildable atomizer
  • Coil rebuidable
  • Stainless steel
  • With Drip Tip
₱ 699.00 -65%
₱ 2,000.00
Blade PSD400 4 Sensor Parking Assist System
  • Ultrasonic sensor
  • Intelligent detection
  • Premium quality 
  • Weatherproof
₱ 1,999.00
Blade AN8912 Steering Wheel Cover + Blade 13C Seat Cushion
  • Provide protection and comfort
  • Fits all standard steering wheels
  • Easy to install
  • Improved version on the classic car seat
  • Protects against splits, stains and fading
₱ 549.50
Blade Styled RDA Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer(silver)
  • Rebuildable atomizer
  • Coil rebuildable
  • Stainless Steel
  • With drip tip
₱ 699.00 -65%
₱ 2,000.00
Blade Car Alarm Auto Security System M72
  • High power siren
  • Keyless Entry
  • Shock sensor
  • Sleek design
₱ 2,999.00
Blade Rain Repellent 250ml Bundle of 4
(1 reviews)
  • Disperses rain on contact
  • Improves wet weather driving visibility
  • Reduces the adhesion and buildup of frost, ice, mud, bugs and grime for easy removal
Items per pages

Blade Philippines: Providing the Care for Your Auto.

Blade Car Center provides wide selection of car products for maintenance, performance, and beautification. In detail, you can choose form car care, accessories, tools, parts,and electronic items. Filipinos are really into this brand. Most car owners here in the Philippines are depending on this brand to have high quality and top performing automotive essentials products. On top of this, what really makes this brand really special—aside from wide variety of car care products and accessories—is the affordability of their items. Thus, you can enhance and maintain your car without spending too much money with this brand. This only proves that when it comes to automotive care, Blade is what you need.

Purchasing Blade Automotive Products in the Philippines

Blade is so popular that it is easy to find it in the market. However, if you want to enjoy this brand’s products for your car, try purchasing Blade car products from a dependable online shopping site. Today, buying online is now more convenient than going to a physical store here in the Philippines. When you shop online yu can experience effortless shopping. In this case, you can shop in your house and whatever you purchase will be delivered to your house—the shipping service is available nationwide; this means that wherever you are here in the Philippines, you can enjoy the benefits and usefulness of Blades products. Moreover, there are big discounts waiting for you to discover. So, if you are looking for the best deals for Blade car products, placing your order online for this brand is recommended for you.

Why choose Blade?

  • Here in the Philippines, Blade is the top brand for high quality and functional products for your car.
  • There is a wide selection of items you can choose from under this brand. For automotive maintenance, boosting its performance, and improving its looks.
  • You can enjoy all products of Blade without spending too much money as you can have it at an affordable price.

    Exterior Accessories

  • Car Cover: Owning a cover for your car will protect your vehicle from dirt and water, which can be the cause of some damages. With a car cover, you can protect it not only from damaging elements but also from car thief.
  • Deflector and Shield: This car accessory is best for you to have a comfortable riding experience. The sun deflectors and shields are made with reflective material that protects you and your passenger from sun glare and heat.
  • Grilles and Guard: Grille allows air to enter that is very handy for car performance. However, many buyers choose this item to improve the bumper look of the car and make it cooler. There are available stylish grille and grille designs to choose from.
  • Lights and Accessories: The exterior accessories are best for lighting up the road for a safer ride, like in times of fog and can also be used as warning. There are also spot lights for you, if ever you'll experience some car repairs at night. They are waterproof and durable.

    Motorcycle and ATV

  • Motorcycle and ATV: You can avail motor bikes for your sports and for your daily use. The popularity of motorcycles and all-terrain vehicle is very high. Now you can avail this product for you outdoor activity, for you to have fun. There are available ATV for adult and kids, made durable and high performing to cater your activity needs.
  • Protective Gears : Whenever you are riding motorbikes and other vehicles it is really important for you to have these protective gears, such as helmet, suits, gloves, boots, knee, and elbow protector. Now be more than equipped and have the best safety gear for yourself with these items.
  • Motor Equipment: Upgrade the look and performance of your motor bikes with various quality tires, shock absorber, motor rims, looking side mirror, sprocket and chains.
  • Motor Accessories: With accessories, such as motorbox, motor bag, cover, cable lock and lever protector, you can maximize the use of your motor vehicle and maintain it for better use.

    Auto Care

  • Car Care Kit: For car care kit, there are available cleaning and maintenance items for you to use, such as polishers, washer, and other items for car repair.
  • Exterior Care: The outer look of your auto is very important, caring and maintaining its beauty is what you have to do. You can to it with their gloss polisher, scratch remover, cover, and various exterior car protection and maintenance.
  • Glass Care: Provide the best care for your car and auto glass, they are important for visibility. Always make it clean with their glass cleansers. These items do not only improve the beauty of your ride but also promote safety.
  • Interior Care: Never let your passengers and yourself from having uncomfortable ride feeling. Keep the interior at its beast condition and equipped with essential accessories like light protector.


  • GPS: Global Positioning System is best installed on your car to have the best and smart way of riding experience. This product is easy to install and use. This smart device improves the riding experience of the driver and lessen accidents.
  • Car Cameras: Dash cameras are essential gadget for your car. It serves as evidence when there are unwanted events like accident, ticketing, parking, car safety, and many more; especially if there is no witness.
  • Car Radar Detector: This advanced car gadget helps you be more aware of your driving speed.
  • Entertainment: Car riding is sometimes boring, adding some fun with car entertainment gadgets like music and video. You and your passenger would have better riding experience even during heavy traffic.

    Seats and Mats

  • Air Freshener: Let your car smell fresh. There are various scents you can choose from and come with different types of packaging like air freshener in cute hanging stuff toys.
  • Seat Cover: Adding covers on your car seat would make cleaning time much easier, aside from that this car seat protects your seat from insect infestations, food stains, and other residues.
  • Vehicle Mats: Car mats are very ideal to protect your car floor from dirt. With this, it would be easier for you to clean the floor because vehicle mats are removable and easy to place in your car.
  • Safety Seat Belt: Seat belts are the important requirement to have in your car. This simple strap provides safety for you and your family. There are various effective and durable safety belts you can avail. Choose the one that will suit on your car more.

    Wheels and Tires

  • Car Wheels: Get the best car wheels to improve your rides and boost the road performance of your car. Here, you can avail the most durable wheels that will suit your car and ideal in all kinds of terrain.
  • Car Tires: Choosing the best tires provide you not only ride improvement but also safety. With durable tire available for you, there is no need for you to worry especially in long travels. These tires won’t fail you on your car experience.
  • Wheel & Tire Care: Maintain your wheels and tires with tire gel, shine, gauge, and cover. These products provide protection for your car from any damage.
  • Accessories: Many vehicle owner purchase wheel accessories to boost the looks of their wheels and also help you to maintain safety like tire pressure monitoring.

    Tools and Equipment

  • Diagnostic & Test Tools : Avail diagnostic and test tools for you to know the condition of your vehicle and your ride. These items allow you to detect what is wrong with your ride for fast solution and repair. All come in smart and useful features. The available products are speedometer, diagnostic reader, air pressure gauge.
  • Engine Tools: These engine tools are best to boost and repair our car engines. With this product, you do not need to worry and drive peacefully without thinking that your engine will fail you. You can have propeller vortex, socket, gauge, jacks and many more.
  • Hand Tools: When it comes to vehicle maintenance, hand tools are very effective and handy for you to use. You can use these items to perform car repair and installation. They come in different uses and types.

    Car Accessories

  • Vehicle Parts: Many car owners purchase vehicle parts to boost the performance of your care. With this, you can assure that your ride would lead to better experience.
  • Horns: This product is great for signalling other cars to prevent any accident and unwanted events.
  • Car Electronics: Installation of car electronic is great to boost the performance and maximize the use of your vehicle. One of the sought after products is the GPS and navigating devices needed by many riders.
  • Stereos and Videos: Add life to your car riding life with stereos and videos. With these items, you will be entertained and your passengers as well. This is really great when you experience or on a heavy traffic.

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