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BlackBerry Philippines: the Ultimate Gadget

Blackberry Ltd., was introduced in the industry in 1999. It has been established way back in 1984 at Ontario, Canada where its headquarters is situated. This company has assured its customers to revolutionize the mobile industry as it inspires the success of their patrons here in the Philippines and around the world. Their products continued to flourish the telecommunications industry with latest innovation and advances in technology. This telecom gadget manufacturing company has been setting the standards high in terms of customer-satisfaction and user-friendly units.

Get Cellphones & Smartphones from BlackBerry

The brand is best known for quality handsets through the years since it has been introduced in the Philippine market. Their original targets are the people with white collar jobs and to those who needs to have constant access to personal and work e-mails. It has been successful in conquering their market of businessmen and entrepreneurs that they have also reached the scope of tech-savvy consumers.

If you are planning to buy one of this brand’s units, then you can read reviews and feed backs online. With its signature feature, a built-in messaging application called BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), their smart phones have been a hit for those people who needs to stay connected with family and friends. Its phones have latest smart phone innovation and easy-to-use handsets are loved by start-up users and kept close by office persons.

Why choose BlackBerry?

  • The first brand who popularized the QWERTY keypad phone to the high-end market.
  • One of the brands that transitioned the new age of mobile devices.
  • Their products are very suitable for high-end users, particularly those in SMBs.
  • The brand’s original OS is customizable and can fit with any person.

    BlackBerry QWERTY phones

  • Product Overview: Also known as the BlackBerry basic series, these QWERTY keypad cellphones are the brand’s trademarked design feature that pretty much revolutionized how we text messages to each other. These BlackBerry phones are quite popular that these classic designs are later used for their new flagship phones.
  • Product Specs: Aside from the trademarked BB keypad design, the brand’s classic phone series features the first HD screen designs that would pave way to the LED displays most smartphones use. The basic phones have Wi-Fi connectivity, and uses basic BlackBerry OS to access programs and features on the phone.
  • Product Brands: The first of the series of the phones are the Q series. Other keypad phones are the BB Bold series and the sleek Curve phones.

    BlackBerry Touchscreen Smartphones

  • Product Overview : BlackBerry also produced quality touchscreen smartphones that can be used by anyone. These phones boast more processing power and fast memory transfer, and includes a majority of apps exclusive to the original BlackBerry 10 OS. These smartphones are marketed to the working classes, as appropriate business phones.
  • Product Specs : The smartphones run BlackBerry 10 OS on dual-core processors. The smartphones boast Full-HD capacitive touchscreens, and store files on their removable and swappable internal storage cards, with 2GB RAM. These phones also have Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G connectivity.
  • Product Brands: The brand’s smartphone series available include the Z series of midrange phones, and the high-end Leap smartphones.

    BlackBerry Hybrid Flagship phones

  • Product Overview: Make no mistake about these smartphones’ design. While these may look basic to some touchscreen smartphone users, these BlackBerry phones are very much flagship, and are smartphones on their specs, features, and uses. These smartphones target the few high-end users who still rely on BB’s more hands on keypads, while using the touchscreen and apps for their work or school.
  • Product Specs: These flagship devices make use of latest technologies found on smartphones, and mixes them with the seasoned features of the BlackBerry phone. These use BlackBerry 10.3 OS on a Full-HD touchscreen display. These also come with a sleek and smooth QWERTY keypad design that sits well with the gorgeous design of these high end phones.
  • Product Brands: The BlackBerry Passport fits all the categories the brand hasfor their flagship device. Other brands that carry this feature include the BlackBerry Classic, and the BlackBerry P’9983