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Automotive Tools: Best Prices in the Philippines

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Manage Your Precious Car with Lazada’s Automotive Tools

Cars are like horses. They have to be cared for, washed and upgraded. But it is totally too expensive letting other people customize and clean your car. Lazada Philippines offers you one of the most complete collections of automotive tools for your mobile. May it be heavy duty, lightweight, tools for easy fix or car and/or motorcycle accessories.

Check out our products, shop and get yourself great picks handy wheel lock hammer, heavy duty floor jack, car wash and cleaner wax set, warning devices in case of emergency, tire air compressors, and many more!

One-Stop Shop for Handy Tools

Your car broke down and you had a hard time replacing the busted tire because you had to find someone who has the right set of tools to replace it. You know you need your own kit! Browse through our wide selection of automotive tools and find great picks. Register for free and receive your purchase in delivery for free!