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A world of great sound by Marshall Philippines

Marshall Amplification is one of the most popular British manufacturers of amplifiers, speaker cabinets, headphones, drums, and bongos. It started out when founder, Jim Marshall was asked by several guitarists to start creating amplifiers that could improve the overall sound of their guitars. One of their most recognized brands around the world, they truly embody the style of the music industry by producing amps that several popular musicians all adore.

Marshall Audio Devices for Quality Listening

Today, the British brand is one of the most recognized labels in amplification because of the specific sound that their amplifiers produce. Through the years, Marshall has continued to add more amplifier models to their already wide array of products. And being a brand known for its audio and guitar amplifiers, it is only natural that they come up with their own range of in-ear, and over the ear headphone that audiophiles can use to enjoy tunes, movies, and music. Each and every one of their audio accessories is made sure to possess the highest standards and the best quality, these makings ensure the patrons of Marshall that what they are buying is worth it – and they are. With fine-tuned, vivid, clear sounds, audiophiles and music enthusiasts alike are being given the best value!

Why choose Marshall Philippines?

  • Their amplifiers produce fine-tuned, clear and specific sound
  • One of the most recognized brand of audio and amplifiers worldwide
  • Enjoy choosing wide array of sound products
  • All of their products possess the highest standard and best quality

Marshall long


  • Description: The brand isn’t widely known for their personal listening devices, but Marshall delivers in providing full-fledged in ear, on ear, and over the ear headphones that produces the similar sound of their amplifiers
  • Features: The company’s headphones come in a fully collapsible construction with a microphone design. The brand’s interchangeable ear pads and remote connectivity also allow you full control on what these audio devices look, feel, and sound. The headphones connect via 3.5mm stereo jack
  • Available brands: The brand’s earphones comprises the Mode and Minor earphones, the Major II on ear headphones, and the Monitor over the ear device, exclusive for guitarists.


  • Description: Marshall brings audio intensity on portable devices. The Marshall speakers have the similar look with their trusted amplifiers, stating that these wireless speakers have the same power and output as their flagship devices.
  • Features: The brand’s wireless speakers boast easy controls amidst the intimidating form factor, coming in with 2 standby modes, power saver and analog switch, with controls for volume. The speakers can also connect with every device using its Bluetooth connectivity, or through its 3.5mm detachable jack.
  • Available brands: The Acton, Hanwell, Stanmore, and Woburn series each houses their own series of speaker systems that can be connected with each other to produce a mini amp system.


  • Description: Unlike most of their other devices, their high end and celebrated amps are kept old-school. These are crafted similarly in design, but use the latest tech in the industry. Once known for their large blaring amps, the Marshall devices today are smaller, easier to carry, but still features the brand’s signature sound.
  • Features: Marshall’s amplifiers all feature the signature black finish, with the gold Marshall insignia on its make. These amplifiers can blast music as a speaker, or change up the sound coming from the instrument it is plugged in. The devices also come in different forms that are suitable for every instrument.
  • Available brands: The Marshall amps come in different forms. The Acoustic series is made for acoustic devices, the Hardwired series continues the tradition of the brand’s classic amps, and the MG Carbon Fibre series are budget amps for first time users that are more popular with seasoned musicians.