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Capdase Philippines: For All Your Gadgets

Gadget is one of our most precious material possessions. Truly enough, buying a gadget is not cheap; therefore, these gadgets must be handled with care. One drop of your precious phone can cause it to break into pieces and all the money you bought it with will be down in the drains. To prevent this from happening, buy Capdase now. Capdase is born out of their passion for gadgets. The three gadget enthusiasts who founded Capdase know how much we value our gadgets. If you think you are already taking care of your phones and tablets extremely, think again. If you do not have any Capdase product,you are surely not taking care of it enough.

The Capdase Gadgets and Needs, Available in the Philippines

With more than 10 years in providing for our gadgets, Capdase is already known in all the continents for providing superior quality products. Whether you are a gadget enthusiasts or just someone who would like to take care and spoil their gadgets with utmost care, be sure to buy Capdase now. Capdase Philippines features almost all of the products that Capdase is selling in their website. Not only does it make every gadget owners happy, it can also make your loved ones very happy as it makes a great gift to anyone. Buy a Capdase product now!

Why choose Capdase?

  • Founded by three gadget enthusiasts who are passionate in providing gadget accessories
  • More than 10 years in the industry of making quality gadget accessories
  • Every Capdase product is produced with the highest quality materials that are meant to last
  • Internationally-known brand that create unique pieces of arts for your gadgets

    Gadget Cases

  • Types: These gadget cases cater to iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, and Blackberry users
  • Series: Choose from the cases series which are Mystery, Chic, Sider Eternity, Meteor, Sider Slim, Finne DS, Slider Baco, and FlipJacket that are unique in their own way
  • Advantages: Classic designs that gives your gadget an overall protection with great style, ultrathin and high dust and scratch resistance


  • Types: Different speaker types are Mini Beat Mono Portable Speaker and Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Models: Check out the different models for speakers such as Capdase Beat SOHO Speaker and Capdase Mini Beat Mono Portable Speaker
  • Advantages: Delivers a dynamic sound and deep rich bass response, compact and perfect for travel


  • Types: Connect with wall Charger, micro USB, lighting cable, and audio and video cable
  • Models: These cables are perfect for any devices as you have a choice of L-pin 1.2 M Sync & Charge Cable, Micro USB 3.0 Sync & Charge Cable, and HDMI Adapter Mini Display Port
  • Advantages: Super fast charging and data transfer and also made with sturdy materials that makes cable last a long time