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Online Revolution 2016: Lazada’s Biggest Sale Comes Back This Year

Get ready online shoppers and great fans of effortless shopping, Lazada is out to set records again in this year’s annual Online Revolution Sale! This traditional month-long mega celebration of the country’s premiere and top online shopping platform will be filled once again with great deals and exciting surprises that will make the holiday season much more memorable and full of Christmas gift ideas. As with traditional dates of this event, the Online Revolution Sale will once again happen on the 11/11 and 12/12, opening this Mega Campaign on November 11 until its Finale on December 12. The biggest online sale of the year promises a great culmination of all the things you love from LZD, and improving the overall effortless shopping experience that you may recognize before.

For the past few years, Online Revolution has provided many means for shoppers in the country. In addition to ordering items online in the comforts of your home, the past sales detailed many deals where you can get your favorite items at the best prices possible, and LAZADA will bring your items to your doorstep. If paying method is your concern, there are options for you to choose from. The event saw a huge increase in sales, with 1.4 million items being bought during the campaign, and over 45 million visits to all LAZADA platforms, ranging from the desktop websites and the mobile app. The Online Revolution also became the home for many deals and games that customers can participate in, all to make the purchases more fun and worth the special time and hard-earned money that the customers were offering. This year, Lazada's grandest shopping event will keep up with these promos, and now offer more surprises that you can surely expect when the first day hits!

A Fiesta involving All your Favorite Brands

Lazada Philippines continues to show growth through the fourth Online Revolution Sale, aiming to provide excellent service for every transaction; giving unlimited perks and benefits for the customers who will join the biggest online sale of the year. This year, the online shopping group focuses more on the top brands that many Filipinos trust. Lazada’s Brand Sale allows you to expect massive discounts on several items under the top brands that you will very well recognize. Shoppers will experience effortless shopping through this holiday season, as LAZADA offers the best items, coming from the top brands, all available online, and delivered to you through Free Shipping! Effortless, trusted and reliable, this is the grandest online sale that you should look forward to during this season with your families.

For the coming season of festivities, make sure that all your loved ones feel the love through the gifts they will receive from you. And even if you are on-the-go and have no time to wait in front of your desktop, you can download and install LAZADA App for you to not miss this once in a year event. The brand-filled Online Revolution Sale is coming to you SOON!